The main reason for tourists to spend their holidays in Mahmutlar, might be this beach. Some people like it crowded, as the Cleopatra-beach in Alanya. But many people prefer space when they are sun-bathing. Space is what Mahmutlar can offer. And on this beach you can decide if you want to spend time with your neighbours, be alone or get to know some new people. It is up to you!

More and more beach bars are built along this beach, with some space between them because there must be room for people who simply want to bring their own umbrellas, stick them in the sand and spread out their blankets as well. The first photo shows the beach as it was a few years ago.

Nowadays it is a little different. More beach bars and tourists. Also because we have one of the most popular Discos (Klas) in the east side of Mahmutlar, almost at the border of Kargıcak - a lot of young people find this beach kind of attractive. Maybe it is the small evening barbeques, maybe it is the charming bars.


For some people it is simply the view. For the men it might be photo number two. And for the women, maybe it has something to do with photo number three?

Whatever it is, people like the view. Just lying there, looking at the calm waves or the ship you can spot in the horizon. Just trying to figure out what is the ocean and what is the sky. Or maybe you just want to watch the magnificent sunsets we have.

We love the sea. Therefore also the beach. And we love what it does to our bodies. Turning them from pale, not-so-healthy-looking bodies, into beautiful tanned, healthy-looking monuments. We go to the beach to look, and to be looked at.


Life is good in Mahmutlar!


Utopia is the newest hotel in Mahmutlar. It is an all-inclusive hotel, the most luxurious on the Turkish Riviera today. What you cannot find here, you cannot find anywhere else. More hotels like this are planned in the area from Mahmutlar east to Gazipaşa, where the new airport was opened for international traffic in 2011.

Tempted to see more pictures from this hotel?

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Maybe the holiday-budget should be kept a little lower?
Mahmutlar has many budget hotels as well (35 all together).
Here is a list

You will have a great time in these hotels, and they are all placed close to the beach. Most of them are well suited for families. Except, of course, those who are placed close to Klas Disco. This place is open every night through the high-season. Until 03.00. And always crowded.
Look and listen!  

Did anyone say that Mahmutlar is a place only for pensioners?

You can also have a low budget holiday. Many small hotels or "Pansiyon" can be found. Even camping! These places are hugely popular in high season. So if you want to be sure of a reservation, look and book early.

One of the most popular holidays in Mahmutlar is independent renting, from some of the magnificent apartments that have been bought by people as holiday homes. Many companies in Mahmutlar deal with this kind of rental.


Life is good in Mahmutlar!


Second homes
Let us say it like this: No matter what your taste is, when it comes to a holiday home in Mahmutlar you will find it!
In Europe you would choose one broker to sell your house (according to the rules). In Turkey each apartment or villa will be found in at least ten different broker shops. This can be very confusing for a buyer from Europe. Nevertheless, whoever you choose to buy from, make sure you understand all the property rules in Turkey before you decide to buy in a foreign country. As in all other countries, choose an authorized broker who has an established company in Turkey. It is up to each individual to do as much homework as can possibly be done before entertaining buying.

Why Mahmutlar?
Have you read the entire website? Then you have already some very good reasons to choose Mahmutlar.
Besides this - the prices are still affordable compared to other parts of the world. The news about the new airport and the new highway already makes a big difference to Mahmutlar.
The changes over the past 3 years have been amazing. And we already can see the beginning of what the next 3 years will bring.
Many Europeans have already decided to spend their retirement years in Mahmutlar. Every winter we can see the number is growing. 52 weeks of the year Mahmutlar is open. This is not a dedicated tourist-city. Mahmutlar is a living city.

Life is good in Mahmutlar!



For active tourists, there are a lot of things to do in Mahmutlar.
Do what we locals do. Check Living.

And yes, we do a lot more - just like the tourists.

Walking in the forest
Do you also enjoy the fresh air and the smell of pine trees in a silent forest?
Well, put on your walking shoes, and walk for hours if you like. Bring a back-pack and take a lunch-break listening to birds and insects.

Mountain tracking
Behind us we have the mountains named Taurus. This enormous mass of mountains starts around here, and ends up into Georgia. The last mountain peak in east Turkey is Ararat.
Here around the highest peak is 2339 m.a.s.l. Its name is Karaçalı.

In the winter we can ski or go by sledge up in these mountains. Bring a small, portable barbeque, some food and drinks - and make a real Turkish picnic in the snow.
On a hot summer day, this is exactly the place to cool down. (Live as the locals live.)


Fishing (river and sea)
In the sea we often see dolphins. When you fish, please go for the tuna fish instead. We want to keep our dolphins. Sometimes they sing for us. Calamare/Octopus is very popular for the Turkish people. More normal catch is: Çupra (sea-bass), Levrek (sea-trout) and Mercan (red coral fish). They are all tasty, fried or on the grill.
In the river you will find Alabalık (trout). Luckily, there are plenty of them. Remember to bring your portable barbeque. No fish tastes better than this fresh, grilled trout, eaten where you caught it.
Bon appėtit! Afiyet olsun!

For the children (small and big)   
Beside all the parks containing playing equipment, Mahmutlar also has lots of activities to offer.
Jeep Safari is one of them. Do not be confused with a Safari. There are no wild animals in this region. This is fun for all ages!

Try one of the many Aqua parks around in the area. For a family this could be a full day event. The smartest way to go there is to book at a local travel agent. Good value for the money!

Paintball, go-cart, mini-golf and bowling is right in the neighbourhood.

Starting point Mahmutlar
From this area, you can reach a lot of known places in Turkey. The local travel agents have many options, and they are mostly cheaper than the tour operators.
Take a trip to Cappadocia, Pamukkale or Anamur. Or what about a Turkish Night?

For the sporty ones: Rafting. Parasailing. Jet-ski. Or in the winter, skiing.

For us lacier ones: How about a bit of sailing? Dolphin-watching. Or walking in the many magnificent canyons.
Whatever your choice is.

Life is SO good in Mahmutlar!






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